ABSolEU Outcomes

Outcome 1

 Composition profiles of ABS waste streams and rABS outputs

Outcome 2

Analytical techniques for characterisation of ABS products and waste streams

Outcome 3

Processes for physical recycling

Outcome 4

Business cases and scenario development

Outcome 5

LCA and impact Studies

Outcome 6

Guidelines for EU wide accepted definition of recyclate and procedures to ensure consistent quality of recyclates

ABSolEU Project Milestones

  • Successful selection and collection of wABS feedstocks Ability to differentiate and recognise different
  • Sources of ABS based on (N)IR and XRF data Delivery of 100 g samples of iABS
  • Quantification of environmental impact of innovative physical recycling technology
  • Process assembly for iABS (kg scale) commissioned
  • Action plan finalised for post- ABSolEU activities to ensure full exploitation
  • Delivery of kg-scale samples of rABS material
  • Determination of criteria for selection of recycling method
  • ABS data management system demo completed

ABSolEU results aim to